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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Lace Shawls

I love lace shawls.  They are so delicate and pretty! I have been reluctant to make them for myself though because I wasn't sure if I would wear them. This past winter, some of the women of my knitting group have been making and wearing some beautiful lace shawls though so I decided to try my hand at them too.

I made the Multnomah shawl in a small size last fall. It was easy garter stitch and Feather & Fan lace. Only one ball of yarn required. I wore it with the point in the front and wrapped snuggly around my neck under my coat all winter. 

There is more information about it on my Ravelry listing here: Multnomah Shawl
The pattern is available free from this web site:  
It is made in a sock yarn with a slow color change. I found the yarn at the Double Ewe yarn shop in Circle Pines, Minnesota. A fun little shop.

I really enjoyed using this shawl, so when the group started talking about the shawls they were making I decided it was time to make another one. Summer is a great time to work on a shawl because it is much lighter in your lap than a heavy sweater or blanket! 

The Adamas Shawl came up in the discussion.  After taking a look at the pattern, I decided I had the perfect yarn to make it.  A few years ago, I dyed some lace weight yarn with the left-over Easter egg dyes. Fun, bright colors!

I am enjoying the pattern. It is really knitting up fast.  The changes in color keep it interesting.  I am actually farther along than this picture shows.  I have about 2 inches of green after the yellow.

More info on my Ravelry listing: Easter Adamas Shawl
The Adamas pattern is available free from MimKnits:  Adamas Shawl  She has other beautiful shawl patterns for sale. I may have to try some of those later.
The yarn is KnitPicks Bare, an un-dyed, 100% Merino wool yarn which comes in lots of different weights.  

This shawl will be great fun to wear.  It is such bright, happy colors.  I seem to wear a lot of basic dark colors in the winter, especially black.  It will be fun to throw this on over things.

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Friday, July 01, 2011

Keeping Heads Warm

Hats, hats and more hats!  Great way to use up scraps of yarn! Not really needed right now but they will be come winter.  These hats are destined for the kindergarten children of the Choctaw Nation Head Start program in Oklahoma.  A friend of mine has  been collecting 310 hats each year to send to this program. Here is her blog if you want to follow the progress:  310 Hats

So far, I have made 7 hats to contribute.  Here are pictures of the first 6 hats. It has been fun to see what sort of variations I can come up with!

The knitters from our church are also making hats as well as scarves and mittens to give out this winter as part of our mitten tree project.  I will have to keep knitting so I can contribute to that one too.  Fortunately, hats are a quick project!

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