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Friday, November 19, 2010

Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away

You know that saying, right? Well, in this case the Wild Blue Horses dragged me away to knit this fabulous 5-sided cap. Here is the designer's picture of it:

And here is my progress so far. It is going pretty well, I think. The colors look different in my photo because of different lighting but they are the same colors as the original.

The design is by Cynthia Wasner of Norsk Needlework. She also has a sweater and mittens with this design and several other sets that are also quite fun. I have been trying to get all of her patterns listed on my web site but it is going a bit slowly. I did get this pattern up though and you can find it here. Watch for more of her designs to be posted soon.

The cap is made of Rauma Finullgarn and there are 3 blues and white in it. Two of the sides have horses facing to the front and the other 3 sides are flowers. It takes some flipping of the graphs as you work around but they are easy to follow and it is fun to see the design develop.

Hopefully, I can stick with this project and get it done quickly. There are lots of UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) that need my attention soon. Our temperatures are dropping and winter is in the air. I have a daughter who is in Alaska and they are already well below zero so she needs more warm woolies. Another daughter is traveling with a theatrical show around the US and Canada. She spent the past couple of years in the South US where it is warm all year so there will be some warm knits on her Christmas list too I'm sure. Lots of knitting to keep me busy!

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