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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Lace Shawls

I love lace shawls.  They are so delicate and pretty! I have been reluctant to make them for myself though because I wasn't sure if I would wear them. This past winter, some of the women of my knitting group have been making and wearing some beautiful lace shawls though so I decided to try my hand at them too.

I made the Multnomah shawl in a small size last fall. It was easy garter stitch and Feather & Fan lace. Only one ball of yarn required. I wore it with the point in the front and wrapped snuggly around my neck under my coat all winter. 

There is more information about it on my Ravelry listing here: Multnomah Shawl
The pattern is available free from this web site:  
It is made in a sock yarn with a slow color change. I found the yarn at the Double Ewe yarn shop in Circle Pines, Minnesota. A fun little shop.

I really enjoyed using this shawl, so when the group started talking about the shawls they were making I decided it was time to make another one. Summer is a great time to work on a shawl because it is much lighter in your lap than a heavy sweater or blanket! 

The Adamas Shawl came up in the discussion.  After taking a look at the pattern, I decided I had the perfect yarn to make it.  A few years ago, I dyed some lace weight yarn with the left-over Easter egg dyes. Fun, bright colors!

I am enjoying the pattern. It is really knitting up fast.  The changes in color keep it interesting.  I am actually farther along than this picture shows.  I have about 2 inches of green after the yellow.

More info on my Ravelry listing: Easter Adamas Shawl
The Adamas pattern is available free from MimKnits:  Adamas Shawl  She has other beautiful shawl patterns for sale. I may have to try some of those later.
The yarn is KnitPicks Bare, an un-dyed, 100% Merino wool yarn which comes in lots of different weights.  

This shawl will be great fun to wear.  It is such bright, happy colors.  I seem to wear a lot of basic dark colors in the winter, especially black.  It will be fun to throw this on over things.

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