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Monday, September 18, 2006

More Christmas Stockings

I am still not feeling very well due to a cold. I have been doing a lot of knitting though as I rest. Don't have much energy for anything else but DH gets worried when I quit knitting!

I almost have the Gansey Christmas Stocking finished. It still needs to be grafted at the toe. I need to pull out the instructions for that. I am knitting I-cord for a loop at the top of the stocking. I will need to find some scrap yarn to add my son's name to the top of the stocking.

I was thinking that I should make some stockings for our youth fundraiser so I pulled out some Red Heart worsted and started a very basic stocking yesterday. This worsted weight yarn is much heavier than the Nature Spun that the Gansey is made in. I went from size 8 needles on the Gansey to a size 10 for this stocking. I just need to add the loop to the top of this one and it is finished. I made a star toe on it so I wouldn't have to graft the toe. Only about 5-6 hours of knitting time for it I think.

I am planning to teach a Christmas Stockings knitting class so I went down to the Rose Tree to show off the stockings I had thus far and get more yarn of course! I think bulky weight yarn and big needles will make for an easier/faster to make stocking so I picked up some Lamb's Pride Bulky. I think I will teach the class how to make the basic sock and then embellish it with duplicate stitch. Rosemary suggested that I could do a Fair Isle stocking as a second class. The Gansey is also very fun. So there will be lots of ideas to work on!

Keep on knitting!


Blogger Diane said...

Nice Christmas stockings. Hope you feel better soon.

6:42 PM  

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