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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My sock knitting journey

I am a long time knitter. I learned when I was about 7, put it away for a while and re-taught myself when I was around 10. Now, I have accumulated more than 40 years of knitting and I have learned many new techniques but for the longest time trying to knit with double pointed needles totally alluded me!

When we were first married some 28+ years ago I decided to make hubby a pair of wool socks. That was when we still had a couple of good yarn stores available downtown. I got needles, pattern book and yarn and set to it. Well, let me tell you I was knitting very loosley and those size 2 metal needles had a nasty habit of falling out of those stitches at the least provocation! I am sorry to say that I didn't manage more than a couple of rows before I was totally fed up!

Well along came children and I was knitting more and more for them and (now this is years and years later-we have 8 children and they didn't all come at once) I thought I should try some baby socks. I think I got a little farther this time but man oh man do I hate those tiny metal needles!

Then came Cat Bordhi and Socks Soar and I thought, "Hmmm, maybe I can do this!?" I started yet another sock in January of 2005. It was going to be the "Year of the Sock." Um...well...I uh... wasn't getting along so well with all of those dangly things either.

Then my 8 year old had to be in the hospital. I finished the sweater that I was knitting and the only thing I had along was that sock, but I had thrown in a set of plastic double pointed needles that I had recently found too. since I wasn't liking all of the twisting and dangling of the circulars I decided to try to dpns again. Wow! I was amazed! When the needles don't fall out all the time you can actually knit with those things! I was off.

I had found a really basic pattern on my ball of yarn and some web sites as I went along and I finally taught myself how to knit socks!!

They are a really cheap acrylic sock yarn. Hey, I didn't want to spend too much on something that might not every happen! As for the fit, well they look pretty good here...they are really big though. So...I decided the next pair needed to be much smaller...ta da!

Socks that fit my 11 year old daughter! Hmmm, maybe something in-between?

Well since then I have made close to 2 dozen pair of socks/slipper socks and Christmas Stockings. I guess 2005 really did become the "year of the sock" for me. I have taught myself how to use those circular needles...both 2 circulars and Magic Loop methods. I even taught a class how to make socks and this month I start a Christmas Stockings class!

I love turning the flap heel. I have even gotten to the point of not needing directions. And I have learned that with a star toe you don't have to graft the stitches. Now I always have socks on the needles so I have a small project to take along with me!

Oh, and my favorite method is still those darned double pointed needles...but now they are bamboo.



Anonymous jennifer. said...

Happy Socktoberfest!!

Those blue ones are pretty. I've seen your stockings and wondered if you worked for feet, too.

8:43 PM  
Blogger Denise said...

Thanks Jennifer. Yes, the Christmas Stockings are a recent project. They are really fun too. No SSS!

10:23 PM  
Blogger Ruinwen said...

You make such lovely socks. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. :)


5:41 AM  

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