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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Classes and finishing up

I am really excited about all of the classes that we are able to offer this month at the Rose Tree! I hope that the shop's customers are just as excited. It will be a really fun month for those of us that are teaching.

I am teaching the EZ Pelerine class how to make the basic stockinette version of this poncho but I would like to start a lace version for myself to give the class an idea for further projects. I like to work on something while I am teaching that is either related to the class or for a future class. It keeps them coming back for more I hope!

I have been trying to finish up some projects lately so I don't have anything new to report on. I love to start projects and work on projects but I am not fond of finishing and the sewing that it entails. I am trying to get some things done for the auction fundraiser though. Some of the items are finised but a few are not yet. I am hoping that I will remember to get photos of it all before I take it to the church. I often get in a hurry and forget that task.

I also need to finish the Baby Surprise Jacket for my youngest. He has been so patient. I am on the final rows now. Then we will need to pick out buttons. He loves buttons!

Oh, it has been a very busy weekend! I almost forgot! A new box of yarn, mostly Lamb's Pride is waiting for me. I haven't even had time to fondle it yet. I found the box at the door Friday as I was leaving for Iowa City to see our Daughter's play. Going to have to find time tomorrow to play and plan!

Keep on Knitting!


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