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Friday, October 24, 2008

Seeing Stars!

I am finally to the top of the shoulders! Look at those beautiful Norwegain Stars!!

I really enjoy the geometric shapes of typical Norwegian designs. Squares, diamonds, parallelograms, triangles. The small dot pattern is called "lice" looks sort of like lice I guess. I think it looks like snowflakes. Actually, the whole thing looks like snow to me. The big snowflakes of a heavy, wet snow and the fine flakes of a very dry, light snow. Okay, enough talk of snow. That time is coming too soon! I am sure we will get plenty of that type of white stuff here in Iowa.

It looks a bit bunched up at the top because of the decreases I did for the neckline. It will have a V-neck when I get it cut open and put the bands on.

So, now I should be starting the sleeves which have the same design. I was going to pick Arnhild's brain about sleeve shaping before she left for the weekend but the time got away from us and we didn't get to sit down and do that. I think I will wait until she gets back to get them started.

I am working on these socks instead for the weekend. Maybe I can get them finished up. I am on the foot section which is plain stockinette stitch. That always goes fast for me.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008


This month is Socktoberfest again. Everyone is knitting socks for the winter. Or at least I and a bunch of sock enthusiasts are. I have joined a group of people who are trying to finish up the second sock of a pair. There are 3 on my list that I would really like to get finished soon. Winter is coming, the days are getting cooler and I have already started wearing my wool socks some. Of course today is not one of those days -- it is 77 degrees!

My take-along knitting project lately has been this Magi Sock. I finally finished it the other day and I now am started on the second sock. This basic sock has a ribbed cuff and stockinette foot. There is a free pattern on my web site called Magi Socks named for the yarn that they are made of. I tried to give easy to understand instructions so even a beginner could make these.
I used Magi yarn and size 2 needles and get a gauge of about 8.5 sts/inch. I think I would like to try this yarn with a smaller needle next time to see what it looks like. This is already knit tighter than they suggested gauge on the yarn wrapper but it still seems just a little bit loose. I like my socks to have a nice tight knit so they wear well. Magi yarn is from Rauma in Norway.

This pair is also my own design but the pattern is not completely written yet. This is Tofutsies yarn on size 1 needles. This yarn makes a spiraling stripe design on its own. The individual colors are blended into completely different colors and I feel that you lose the beauty of those colors. You can see that at the top of the sock. I found a stitch pattern that broke up the striping and keeps the colors separated a bit more. I really like how they came out and I will probably write up the pattern when they are finished.

The third pair of socks is one that I think I started last fall, just before Socktoberfest. I am not quite sure why I didn't get them finished then. These are made in Trekking ProNatura Bamboo yarn on size 1 needles. I really like the yarn. I think they will be very comfortable to wear. The pattern is Dublin Bay Socks. It has an easy lace design down the sides of the leg.

So, I have some great small projects and a nice large project to work on right now. Winter is coming I'm sure. It always does here in Iowa! They say it might be a really cold one again like last year and with the cost of fuels all going up it is probably better to wrap ourselves in wool to keep warm instead of turning up the thermostat, right?

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More Norwegian Knitting

After sending the Berries Cardigan to Terri I picked up this Man's Norwegian Cardigan again. It has gone much faster than the Berries! Partly because it is 6 rows to the inch instead of 11 and partly because the "lice" pattern is very simple and fast to knit.

Here is where I am now:

I have started the V-neck shaping and the larger patterns at the shoulders.

This is fun!!!

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Berries Cardigan has moved on to its new home

I sent it off a couple of weeks ago to Terri Shea. The knitting was done and she will do the finishing. I am looking forward to seeing the finished results when she gets it photographed for the new pattern!

Keep and eye on Terri's blog for further developments.

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