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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Little sweaters

I finished the knitting on the first of the preemie baby surprise sweaters. It is really cute! I need to find buttons for it yet. I am thinking I might crochet the sleeve seam shut across the top so it will be on the outside. With preemies they always seem to suggest that you make seams as flat as possible. I may continue the crochet around the neckline to give it a more finished look. The second sweater is started on a 10 inch needle above the finished one. They will not be exactly the same color arrangement, as you can see. I enjoy mixing it up with the stripes on this pattern.

As I was sorting through yarn one day, my 4 year old decided that he needed me to make a sweater for him. I had been planning to make the Wonderful Wallaby for some time but just hadn't gotten to it yet. We found 3 colors of this TLC Wiggles yarn. I have finished one sleeve and I am almost done with the second. Then it is on to the body. The main body will be blue to match the sleeves with the pouch pocket in yellow and the hood in red. Carl chose where he wanted to place the different colors. I hope I have enough of the blue or we may have to add some stripes to the yoke.

The Wonderful Wallaby is a Cottage Creations pattern. It is a seamless raglan with a knit on pouch pocket sized for tiny baby to large adults. If you do a search you can find lots of helpful information about knitting this sweater. It has been a popular one at the Rose Tree Fiber Shop where I teach. Two of the other teachers have taught it as a class several times now. This sweater is the dress up version of a sweatshirt. Hmmm, maybe I should make one for myself too....

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Anonymous maggie said...

Your BSJ is adorable. I am just starting mine. I purchased the DVD from schoolhouse press. If you have any tips that would be great.

4:47 PM  
Blogger Janet said...

Love the bright colors that Carl picked for his sweater. I think I have some of that yarn somewhere in my stash :) Can't wait to see a pic of him wearing it.


1:41 PM  

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