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Monday, February 05, 2007

Sweaters big and small

First my Fairly Easy Fair Isle sweater:

I have been trying to get this one done because it is bitterly cold right now and I would really like to be wearing it! I finished the color work this weekend and knit the button band. I still need to knit the buttonhole band and seam up the sleeves and underarm.

I really like the fit of this one. I started with the small and increased to the medum at the sides. I think it will be a closer fit through the waist. My last one was rather loose there.

I am thinking about using the same basic pattern but with some cables or other pattern stitches so I can make it all in one color. The fair isle is nice but I don't really want all of my sweaters to look alike! I have enough yarn to make it in either red, black or an aqua green.

Now to the small:

I am working on a preemie size Baby Surprise sweater. It is an adaptation of Elizabeth Zimmerman's pattern. It is going to be so tiny! I will be making a second one as these are for a set of twins.

Okay, so here is the last one:

The Spiral Baby Blanket is getting bigger. It is about 12 inches from the center. I am not sure quite how large to make it. I am thinking that it should probably be at least 30 inches in diameter for an average size newborn baby.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found with my kids that I liked the blankets a little bigger, rather than smaller... so, if you have the yarn, I would make it at least 36" in diameter. My daughter is 6 now and still uses some of the blankets/afghans that my Mom made for her as a newborn. They aren't "blankies", bur she snuggles up with them for naps or in the car when it is really cold. My 10 year old son also uses the ones that aren't too "baby" as lap blankets in the car. Just my $.02 worth...

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