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Friday, March 02, 2007

Mystery solved!

I finally found all of the goodies in my Mystery Swap yarn. This was lots of fun! Thanks Janet!

There were 3 bags of tea, a tin of Bee Bar Lotion for my hands, a sachet, some pin type stitch markers, Werther's Originals and a tin with 4 very pretty stitch markers. I always need lotion for my hands in the winter. This one smells so good too. I am enjoying one of the teas while writing. I love to try new teas. The Werther's will probably be gone soon as they are my favorite hard candy. Janet, how did you know?

The pin markers are great for marking a stitch or row. I will use those a lot. I have even used them to hold a dropped stitch until I could get back to it! The other markers are made from beads. I really like those too. I didn't have any pretty ones like these. It is almost like jewelry for my knitting! Here is a close-up picture of them.

I used up almost all of the yarn from the ball. There is just a little bit left. My 4 year old suggested that if I used the yarn from the swatch I could maybe make a pair of baby socks. Now that's thinking!

I have used the cabled hat a lot already. When I finished the hat there still seemed to be quite a bit of yarn left. I thought maybe it would be enough to make a headband. I am glad I was right. This one I will keep in my pocket for those days that I don't take the hat because it "seems so nice." Sometimes the ears get cold on a walk, you know?

I made the headband on size 5 needles in a ribbed pattern so it would be nice and snug. I knit it in the round so I could stop when I ran out of yarn... or it was wide enough to cover my ears. It came out so well that I may have to write up the pattern to share!

This swap was really fun! I have never been so motivated to get my projects finished!

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Blogger Janet said...

Way to go Denise. I am glad you enjoyed the swap. It was fun finding things to put in the ball. Then to try and get them to stay in place while winding....pricless!!!

6:23 PM  

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