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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Knitting

I know most people would say it was too hot to knit in the summer or they don't knit in the summer because they don't need warm things to wear in the summer heat. I am one of the other kinds of people who have to knit or crochet no matter what the weather is. Of course, you can always make something small like mittens or socks or something light weight like a shawl or a summer sweater or top. I knit anything, pretty much any time.

So, I have been working on some small things but also so larger ones as well. For instance, I made two diaper soakers in wool for my granddaughter. My daughter uses cloth diapers and these soakers replace the plastic pants that I used with my kids. They breathe well and are much cooler on baby's bottom which is great for them in Las Vegas.

Plum Heather Baby Soaker
Rosewood Baby Soaker
I also make some mittens and socks for Afghans for Afghanistan. They will go to the street children of Kabul.
Orange Amaliya Mittens

Socks for a4A
And the large things that I have been working on were crochet baby blankets for our prayer shawl group. They will go to new babies that are baptized in our church. This white one has been delivered already and I have almost finished another one in blue, green and white.

Crochet Baby shells blanket

And I have a Norwegian sweater started that I haven't picked up quite as often recently but I am still going to be working on it over the summer. 

Brown Sirkler Norwegian Cardigan
My fingers will be busy! So if you see me knitting at the Fourth of July celebration, say hello!


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