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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Christmas is Coming!

Okay, so maybe I got started a bit early with Christmas when I started designing new Christmas stocking patterns in August! I was on a roll though and now have 4 new patterns.  
 I was inspired by the beautiful Selbu designs from Norway and incorporated "Endless Roses" into each of these stockings. This rose on the vines is a typical pattern used in Selbu mittens, gloves, hats and sweaters. The first pattern will be available in a new online magazine soon to be published. I will let you know when that comes out. The others are available through or

Let me introduce you to them. 

This is Endless Roses. It has a heel that I had not seen before knitting some bunad stockings from a Norwegian book. The rose trellis covers the stocking from cuff to toe. The heel is knitted as a flap and then the stitches are joined across the bottom by knitting two together so that it looks like it is grafted.

Here we have Diamonds and Roses. The diamond pattern is also commonly used in Selbu knitting. This stocking has a mostly plain foot. It is an easy to remember stranded repeat that goes quickly and is great for beginners to two-color knitting.

 And finally we have Spider in the Roses. Can you find the spiders? Hint: There is a big one right in the center. The others are being sneaky! Yes, the spider is a bit stylized but this is pretty much the pattern that has been used for many years in Norwegian knitting. The photo didn't show that this is really a dark green with the white but it also looks great in other colors. 

All of these patterns were designed with worsted weight yarn which will make a big stocking. Finished measurements are about 24" long and 16-17" circumference. I have made a couple of them in sport weight which comes out at about 18" long and 12" circumference. For an even smaller stocking you could use fingering weight yarn. 

Of course, the color combinations are up to you. Some of my test knitters tried these in blue and white which is beautiful. One used red and white for the main pattern of Spider in the Roses and green and white for the rest of the stocking. 

So do you need to make some new Christmas Stockings this year? Each pattern is $6 or you can buy the ebook which includes all 3 patterns for $13.50. 



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