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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy Summer & School has started!

Vacation is over and summer has come to an end. This past month I have been busy, busy. We babysat for 2 little girls for 3 weeks. I didn't have much time for knitting then. I was also trying to get ready for school, moving a daughter into a new apartment, making curtains for her and sewing a mother-of-the-bride outfit for a friend.

I have 3 homeschooling this year but only 1 enrolled in our homeschool assistance program through the school district. I will be teaching a Kindergarten, 9th grade and 12th grade-- mostly supervising in the case of the older ones. I have one of the two high schoolers going to band, chorus and Spanish at the local high school. That means some extra driving for me. Then there is our 5th grader who really, really wanted to go to school full time. We decided to give it a try this year and see how she does. So more driving! We are still trying to work out the timing for getting them where the need to be. Later we will be adding some music lessons and extra field trips and enrichment classes. It is making me tired just thinking about what this year will bring!

My knitting has suffered some but I can see that all of the waiting in the car for the kids may actually help. I always take a project along. My goal right now is to try to finish up some of the projects that have been on the needles a bit too long. I am trying to resist starting anything new right now so I can do that.

I am sending off a dozen hats to the Knit-a-cap project today. I have a couple of other charity packages that are going too for the Yarn Yoga group that I am a co-owner of now.

I will post some photo updates of my knitting as soon as the camera batteries are recharged!

Hug your kids today. They grow up way too fast!


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