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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Feather and Fan border for Pinwheel Blanket

Several people have asked me how I did the border on this blanket so I thought it might be helpful to post it here.

The only thing you need to add this border is to have the right number of stitches. I was thinking wrong at first. I counted the k2tog six times and the yo, k1 six times and thought I needed a multiple of 12--oops! You have to have a multiple of 18. I did a row of yo, k2
and then a plain row of knit first to make an eyelet row for a ribbon or string. Then it can be used as a bag later or it can just be decorative. After this round I didn't do any more increases.

Round 1: I started at the beginning of the round with (k2tog) six times, (yo, k1) six times
Round 2: purl
Round 3: knit
Round 4: knit

Repeat these rounds twice or as desired ending with a round 1 then purl a round, knit a round, purl a round and bind off loosely in knit. I used a needle 2 sizes larger for this.

I did find that when you come around to the beginning you have to start the next round 1 with k2tog three times instead of 6.

I hope that helps. Let me know if anything is still unclear. I love to help people with their knitting!

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spiral/pinwheel baby blanket

It is finally finished! So much knitting around and around. I love mindless knitting except this is not exactly mindless. I mean every other round you have to remember to put in a yarn over. I was always finding that I had skipped the increase so I had to pick it up on the next round. I can see a couple that I didn't get picked up.

I tried several sideways borders but couldn't get any of them to work out. I finally decided to use a lace pattern that I know how to do-Feather and Fan. Oh, and don't look too closely at the Feather and Fan border. I think I got off in the last section so the yarn overs don't quite line up. But it is done and I think it looks pretty good.

So here is the pattern for the Round or Pinwheel Baby Blanket that I used.
I added a basic Feather and Fan border. It took 3-7 oz. skeins of Red Heart Worsted yarn in Mint green on size 8 needles. I was afraid I was going to run out of yarn before I got it finished!

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Monday, April 09, 2007

One down, one to go

I finished the first of the Rainbow Tie-dye socks and started on the second one. I think it came out great!

I didn't try to start the second sock at the same color spot. I swear I just cut off the first one and cast on for the second. The second one started out pretty close to the same stripe though.

I need to finish these while we still have some cold weather to wear them. The prediction is for snow tonight and tomorrow....

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Easter Egg dye

Did you guess it? I was dyeing Easter yarn! Lots of little skeins of lace weight yarn.

I was surprised at the intensity of the colors. I thought that once I added more water for the dye jars that the color would be more pastel but these are nice bright colors. The red and blue separated a bit in the purple one.

I used an 880 yard skein for lace weight Bare yarn from Knitpicks. I made 9 skeins from it approximately 100 yards each. Then I dunked them in jars filled with the leftovers from dyeing the Easter eggs on Saturday night. I put them in the microwave and zapped them for 2 minutes at a time, letting it rest a few minutes between. It seemed like it took a long time to exhaust the dye.

I was thinking of doing something with a color blocked look when it was knit up. That's why I made them each about 100 yards. I would love to knit a lace shawl. I have been reading about Elizabeth Zimmermann's Pi Shawl. I have only done simple lace patterns and would like to explore some new ones.

I am not sure about these bright colors though. They might be a bit much. They are not the pastels that I was imagining for this. Well, I guess I can always make it into socks!

Happy Easter!

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Guess What I have been doing?

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