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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Man's Norwegian Sweater -- Rauma 138RS

When the cabled sweater was giving me problems I would work on this for a break. Ha! Some break! I did the increase row just above the ribbing on this one 6 times!!!! The first few times I was doing the math wrong, or at least thought I was. I kept coming up with too many stitches near the end of the row.

Now you have to remember that this row started out with 277 stitches supposedly! So, I would knit across, count, and tink (un-knit) all the way back again and again.

I finally thought to count the ribbing stitches again and discovered that I didn't have 277 stitches but 297 stitches! No wonder I couldn't come up with the right number after increasing!

Instead of ripping and reknitting the whole ribbing I left it and increased to the number I needed for the patterns in the body. I was so glad to finally get past that and start working on the patterns. They are much more fun!

In all of the times that I knit that one row I didn't see any change in the yarn that I was working with. There was no fraying or fuzzing. It didn't start looking worn at all. I am very impressed with the quality of the Rauma Strikkegarn. It holds up very well even when re-knit again and again so I am sure now that it will hold up well in the finished sweater.

Pattern -- Rauma 138RS V-Neck Cardigan
Yarn -- Rauma Strikkegarn

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