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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cabled Vamsegarn/Finullgarn Cardigan

It's finished! I found the perfect buttons too!

This sweater has taken a lot longer to make than I thought it would. I got interrupted a lot with other projects while working on it. Then I got bored and really didn't want to do the sewing up parts.

I really don't like the sewing up. That's why many years ago I taught myself how to make seamless sweaters!

This will be a great winter sweater. It is a bulky weight but made with a strand of a worsted and a strand of a fingering weight. That is how it gets those beautiful subtle stripes. Can you see them?

I was hoping to get a picture of me wearing it but I didn't have anyone to help me with that. I needed to take it to Arnhild's so it could be packed with the display stuff. We are getting closer and closer.

Pattern: 2090RVF
Yarns: Vamsegarn and Finullgarn This one is the medium size and I had one ball of Vamsegarn that I didn't use.
Needles: Sizes US8 and US11

Hubby and I spent yesterday cleaning out the store room. It was mostly kids clothes, computer parts and wedding gifts (that we haven't used in 30 years of marriage). We had brought back a bunch of stuff from our college grad daughter, Jessie, which needed a home. I have been trying to get the kids clothes sorted for a long time now but I could only reach part of them for fear of toppling the towers of computer parts! I really should have taken pictures.

Well, we filled up our Suburban with things to donate and the room looks much better now. No, I didn't get DH to give up very much of the computer stuff but we did whittle it down a little bit and we at least got things moved around so I could get to the clothes that I needed to sort. Now there is just one box of clothes for Carl to grow into and several boxes of things that we are storing for Jessie while she is between apartments.

Now we need to start working on the collections of toys that have accumulated after almost 27 years and 8 children! We have so much which could be blessing someone else!

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Blogger Diane said...

Love the sweater. Those buttons were just made for it.

Isn't it amazing all the stuff you hold onto for no reason? When my kids were in high school I cleaned out the toy closet and threw out so much broken stuff. Ended up donating a ton of fisher price Little People buildings and vehicles to a couple daycare centers for low income children. They were happy to get them.

10:13 AM  

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